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What is Garage Fantasy?

As an introduction to our more frequent updates, we give you a little more information about the setting itself. Our Creative DirectORK Jean-Marc Heassig sat down to write a little bit about the world, the tone and the intentions behind this setting:

Ravensdale is a sprawling medieval oil rig city populated by a plethora of crazy fantasy creatures (including humans). It is a chaotic mess of a city, oily, gritty and stinking. The oil is named Goop and is used for EVERYTHING possibly imaginable. Everyone in Ravensdale sees it as an opportunity to become rich and famous … regardless of consequences. While Goop is a noxious substance that corrupts mind and body, nobody wants to face that reality. The only thing that counts for the inhabitants of Ravensdale is making as much profit as possible to stay on top in a dog-eat-dog society. The number of people aware of the dangers Goop poses is dwindling; it has already mutated most of the populace into crazy orcs, goblins, witches and other creatures.

Tone and intentions: 
Over the top, humorous, ironic, acerbic. It’s a satire of our contemporary age, where Goop replaces cell phones, genetically manipulated food, wine with sulfides, tobacco, etc. to caricature the madness of mankind. The creatures of Ravensdale are like in zombie movies, but not quite as brainless: they are more like consumeristic addicts, slaves of Goop, reckless, excessive, brutal, and completely under the thrall of their base desires. For some, Goop is the blood of a dragon god. Others treat it as a mundane commodity like soda or beer. Scholars and magicians study and manipulate it, with unpredictable results. The effects of Goop are outrageous, ironic and amusing, but don’t stray into the territory of the disturbing or truly bizarre. The setting of Ravensdale doesn’t take itself seriously and doesn’t strive for the depth of a 1984. It’s just there to poke fun at western society.

Campaign Updates:
As a small reminder, our mid-campaign live-show is scheduled for Thursday August the 1st, at 21:00 CET. We will have Mark Meer joining us as well as Specki T.D. , both of them ready to answer questions or just chat with us and you! Be sure to join us and spread the word!

Also, stay tuned for our next update (we promised you more updates after all!) which will shine some light on gameplay aspects of Ravensdale!

Stay tuned everyone!

The BFG Team

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